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Property Inspections


When your property is vacant, we generally inspect it each week and of course, when we take prospective tenants to it for a viewing.

The next inspection is done prior to the residents moving in. This is known as the first inspection, as it is the first one for those particular tenants. This is a fully detailed and written report comprising several pages which is required under the Residential Tenancies Act. At this time, a series of photographs are taken both inside and outside the home and filed electronically for future reference.

We then guarantee to inspect the property at least four more times during the twelve month period. The first of these may be done within a period less than three months, depending on where that particular property fits into our area groupings. A full written report is then sent to you after each inspection. We also conduct inspections that may arise from a particular need. For example, the property manager may need to ask the tenant to do something, like clean up an oil spill. The tenant will be given seven days to comply and the property manager will go back on the eighth day to make sure the work has been done.

When that particular tenant concludes their tenancy, a further inspection is done. This is known as the final inspection, as it is the last one with that tenant. Providing everything is satisfactory, the bond is released to the tenant. If not, then a claim is made against the bond for cleaning, lawn mowing or whatever the need may be.