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Repairs and Maintenance


Requests for maintenance should come from the tenant to our office. As a part of our on-going service, our property managers will notify you of any matters that they may see while conducting regular inspections. Once we have received a request from the tenant, we will handle this in the following way:

Firstly, it may be something simple that our property manager can fix over the phone. For example, the tenant will be directed to do some basic checks to see if they can fix it. If the matter needs a tradesperson to attend, the property manager will check the instructions we have from you on file and follow those instructions. These could be:

  • Call you with all requests for you to take action
  • Receive verbal instructions from you to engage a tradesperson
  • Go ahead and engage a tradesperson providing the cost does not exceed a pre-determined limit that you have given us in the Property Management Agreement

If you are unable to be contacted, we will then contact any emergency persons you have told us about. In the event that no-one can be contacted for instructions, and it is a genuine emergency, we will go ahead and use our discretion to have the matter rectified.