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Detailed Inspection Report, Lease and Bond Lodgement Form


As a part of the process of leasing your rental home, a number of important tasks are done prior to letting people into your property.

First, we prepare a very detailed Inspection Report. This is usually several pages where every detail of the condition and state of repair is noted for every room as well as the exterior of the building, and the front and back yards. In addition, we take a series of internal and external photographs which are kept on file in digital format. The Inspection Report is a Government prescribed form required under the Residential Tenancies Act. As a part of the sign-up process, the tenant is required to sign this form. In addition, they are required to check our notations and report any discrepancies back to us within seven days.

Next, we prepare a formal written Lease which includes any special conditions you require. Most importantly, we always include a clause that gives us the right to review the rent every six months. Note that if this clause is not included, you cannot increase the rent during the term of any Lease. A Bond Lodgement form is also prepared. This is also a Government prescribed form and is signed by us on your behalf and by the tenant and is then lodged with the bond money at the tenancies branch of the Consumer Affairs Department.

Once all the paperwork is prepared, an appointment is made with your new tenant to go through everything and sign all documents. The bond and first rental payment is taken at this time, and keys are signed for and released. The tenants then move in.

Once completed a copy of the lease is forwarded to you.

You don't have to worry about meeting all the legal requirements of the Act – we do it all for you!