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Property Management Adelaide

Property Management Adelaide

Don’t you deserve a better property management Adelaide service?

If you own an investment property, you want your property manager to find great tenants, get the highest possible rent and provide a stress free experience. It is our priority to maximise the return on your residential property investment and make your property management stress free.

At Kevin Hodges Real Estate, Adelaide property management is our number one focus. Collectively, our team of Adelaide property management specialists have 91 years of experience.

We aim to take the stress out of managing your property. Our professional and affordable service helps investors and landlords located throughout Australia benefit from expert investor and rental advice.

It’s our mission is to give you great peace of mind and enjoy the experience of owning your property.

Our Experienced Adelaide Property Professionals
Are Ready To Help You Manage Your Property

There simply is no substitute for experience. Our team has clocked up 91 years of collective experience. We are experts at taking stress off our clients thanks to our.

We are property investors ourselves as well as being property managers and we truly do understand all the ins and outs and the ups and downs, the emotional highs and lows that you go through being a property owner.

14 Reasons To Use Us Our Property Management Services Adelaide

  1. We make sure we get the right tenant for your property – someone who will pay the rent on time every time, and look after the property. Every reference and employment history is checked thoroughly.
  2. We complete very detailed property reports both when the tenant goes into the property and leaves it. Several photographs are taken both inside and outside and the tenant is held accountable to that report.
  3. We inspect the property several times through the tenancy and send fully detailed reports. This makes sure the tenant is caring for the property responsibility. 4. We practice zero tolerance when it comes to late rent payments. Any arrears are followed up immediately.
  4. We keep up with the market and make sure we get the best rent possible for your Adelaide property.
  5. We invest heavily in the latest technology to ensure efficient management of your property.
  6. Our staff are sent to regular training programs to be the best property managers adelaide and provide the best possible service.
  7. Our staff are kept up to date with the latest changes to legislation. This makes sure you property is compliant with all Government regulations.
  8. We have developed great relationships with suppliers and tradespeople to make sure your property maintenance is done properly and at competitive rates.
  9. We transfer your funds to you twice every month – no need to go to the bank or wait for cheques to clear your account. 11. We pay all the outgoing bills for your property, makes sure all deadline dates are met on time.
  10. Landlord Insurance is recommended for every Landlord. We keep up with the best companies and the best policies in case we ever have to make a claim.
  11. We avoid having to go to the Tenancy Tribunal by negotiating best outcomes with tenants should something go wrong.
  12. We are the go-between between you and your tenant. You don’t ever have to deal with them. This is included in our property management adelaide fees.
  13. Our General Manager is simply brilliant at accounting, and always get commended by the external Auditor each year at Audit time for her accurate work. This ensures peace of mind for our clients with regard to their money.
  14. There simply is no substitute for experience. Our team has clocked up 91 years of collective experience. We are experts at taking stress off our clients!

How Long Does it Take to Get a Tenant?

The time it takes to rent your home depends on market conditions. However, in recent years it has averaged between 14 and 30 days. Keep in mind, that the overriding factor in renting, is to not only find tenants, but to find the right tenant. This may not be the first one who applies for the property.

To make the time as short as possible, we put your rental home into our system as soon as it is "rent ready". This means it is listed on eight different web sites, complete with full-colour photos.

Our Adelaide Property Managers know how important the time factor is, especially when there are mortgages to pay, so they conduct viewings of your property after hours and at times to suit tenants. We make sure no-one is missed!

Getting the Right Tenant

Getting the right Tenant for your home is absolutely essential. When we receive an Application to rent your property, the prospective tenant is required to provide the following:

  • Identification (usually a current driver's licence)
  • Proof of income, such as current payslip
  • Any previous rental references Details of employment history
  • Release under the Privacy Legislation

The application is then processed by our property management staff in the following manner:

  • All previous rental references are checked
  • Employers are contacted for confirmation of details
  • Details are checked through National Tenancy Database & TICA
  • We search through court records for bankruptcies and any outstanding debts or charges
  • Personal references are contacted for more details
  • Once the tenant is approved we then involve you in the final choice

What Some of Our Clients Say About Us:

Property Management Adelaide Reviews

“You seem to manage my property like it was your own! Very professional. The rent you achieved was higher than I expected. My Property Manager always shows a willingness to help and get things done! Very thorough and value-added experience.”
Angelo Rodriguez (from NSW)

“I find Kevin Hodges Real Estate are helpful, professional, and reliable. They respond quickly to any issue, and give good advice. My property is carefully maintained. My property manager keeps me fully informed at every stage of the marketing process so I know exactly what is happening.”
June Ngei (from Queensland)

“I am happy to recommend Kevin Hodges Real Estate who keep me informed of any changes to legislation, and keep on top of issues before they become major issues. Everything is explained extremely well. I have peace of mind that my property is looked after. My property manager gives a very professional service. She is tough but fair with tenants. Summing up: excellent service; very knowledgeable staff and reliable service.”
John Musolino

“Everything was taken care of for us – no stress! Tenants were found very quickly. We’ve always had good tenants – background checks are very good. We didn’t worry about anything. Happy to recommend Kevin Hodges real Estate property management services to anyone.”

“As I live some distance from our rental property, I don’t have to worry about it. I’ve never had bad tenants as the vetting process has been excellent. I couldn’t speak more highly of the service we receive from Kevin Hodges Real Estate.”
Fiona Voortman

For more testimonials, visit our testimonial page.

Questions To A Property Manager Before Hiring Them

  • Are they aware of prevailing local market conditions, tailoring lease terms to meet the peaks in the leasing cycle?

A standard lease term may cost you more by ending at the bottom of the leasing cycle.

  • Has the property manager asked about your investment goals and expectations?
    A good property manager should be aware of your needs and expectations for your investment to reach its full potential.

  • What advice have you been given about the compliance and legalities that are imposed upon property investors before they lease a property?

Not being aware of your obligations can expose you to legal action and compensation.

  • How have they determined a market rent and how often are rents reviewed?

  • Have you been informed what may need to be done to the property so you can realise its full income earning potential?

When appointing a property manager, don’t dwell on fees. Look and ask questions about how the property manager can maximise your income and minimise the expenses of your investment property.

Want Your Real Estate Property Adelaide Managed With
Maximum Rental Return & Without Worry & Stress?

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Purchasing your own home and then an investment property are two of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. And then, who’s going to look after the properties?

We look after people’s investment properties and take the stress and worry about being a property investor.

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