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Applying for a Property


To apply for one of our properties, please go to our Tenancy Application.

This can then be submitted to us by email or faxed to (08) 8254 3888.

Please pay close attention to all the requirements:

  • Fully complete the Application Form ensuring that every part of the form has been completed. If a section is not applicable, please mark it "N/A".
  • Provide identification to the value of 100 points.
  • If approved - if your application is approved, we will contact you. Once approved, you will be required to pay the full bond and two weeks rent in advance, upfront. Full details on how and where to pay this will be provided when we contact you.

If declined – should your application be declined, you will be notified by SMS Text or email.

Please note that it is company policy that a reason will not be given for declining your application.