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Rent Payments


Rents are always required to be paid in advance. When you signed up for the property, you will have paid the first two weeks rent in advance. This is not held in trust like the bond, but is actually the first two weeks of your rent. When this two weeks rent has been used up, the next two weeks rent is due.

We do not take cash payments at our Office and have three different options for payment of your rent.

  1. Set up a Direct Debit where we debit your account each fortnight.
  2. Set up a BPay card for you to use in paying your fortnightly rent. Electronic payments do not require us to provide you a receipt, so be sure to keep the bank's receipt for your records.
  3. In the event you do not have access to internet banking, we will provide you at no cost, a Bank Deposit Book and you can pay your rent at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank.

Note that the bank's stamp on the deposit slip is your receipt.
Please note that we have a Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears Policy in place. This means that in the event of your rent being in arrears we will not renew your tenancy. It is a breach of the lease to fall behind in the rental payments and may result in the tenancy being brought to an end and you will have to vacate the property.

If you have some unforeseen circumstances, it is most important that you contact your property manager immediately.